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Welcome to Ultimate Dragonball Z Roleplaying Game!

We are currently active as of October 2016!
Dragonball Super content will be added to this site in the coming months!












The story line of UDBZ takes place after the end of GT and involves the newest addition to the DBZ Villain family, Beerus (Bills) but centers around not him but his creation, Inuwa.

Inuwa was created by Beerus as a side project. Hoping that one day he would be able to do the destroying that Beerus was suppose to do. Beerus gave Inuwa's heart could ever desire. Servants, castles, mansions, planets, and even entire solar systems. One day, as an attempt to make him more destructive and powerful, Beerus took everything away from his offspring. Everything that Inuwa had ever had, was gone.

In sudden rage he ventured out on his own, gagging at the thought of being near Beerus. He eventually came upon the Milky-Way galaxy in the North-Quadrant of the universe. He noticed many beings with intense power that resided inside this quadrant. After many years of observing the galaxy, Inuwa grew to loath the creatures that dwelled there. He saw that most of them had friends, family, and others who cared about them whilst he had nobody.

Unknowing to even Beerus, Inuwa contained an immense force of power that remained within him when he was created, most likely some of Beerus' own power. He made one devastating wish. "I wish they would lose it all, as I have." The God-like power still contained inside of him must have sensed his desire and seemingly like magic, caused an almost explainable change within the galaxy.

Every skill that all of the people once had dissipated away. Their stats were reset to that of a mere normal human. They then were transported to different locations and their memory was stripped from them. The power of Inuwa also had impacted another change on galaxy, many creatures that had passed away and had a great deal of influence in the living world during their life, were brought back to life with the same change enacted on them.