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Welcome to Ultimate Dragonball Z Roleplaying Game!

We are currently active as of October 2016!
Dragonball Super content will be added to this site in the coming months!












Everywhere you go there are rules; a lot of the time they are unfair or complicated, hopefully these rules aren't too vexatious. There are the main rules and then different, more specific rules that apply to the three main areas of the site which are, Roleplay, General Site, and Chat.


Main Rules

• Don't Be Jerk.

That should be simple enough to understand. I expect the most common decency that one can provide another human being. Violation of this rule will be extremely frowned upon.

• PG 13 Content

We are a community that aims to all ages so having adult content would strongly oppose that goal. If you wish to do it off site then that is fine and none our business unless you wish to share it with the members through PM or an off-site messenger.

• Respect

Respect to everybody will be apical. Everybody has their own thoughts and experiences that make them who they are. They have gone through things you haven't and visa versa. You don't have to like everybody but you will show respect towards them whether you're talking to them or not.


Roleplay Rules

• Cheating

Cheating can vary from anything from plagiarism to god-modding, power-gaming, etc.. This is a huge violation and will be treated as such.

• 500 Words Minimum

This rule can be adjusted for relatively new members and/or new writers. However for able writers this is a strict rule. A minimum of 500 words per post is required to move the story along at a faster rate and to help give other players more to go off of.

• Try to Improve

This may seem trivial at first, however, I feel that it is essential to help grow the site. If you are bad at writing or don't know how to do something such as quotes, please ask staff or refer to the help section. If you read somebody else's story and don't know a few words, look them up. It'll improve your vocabulary for real world and story wise!


General Site Rules

• Double Posting

If you accidently post something in the wrong section, don't repost it in the right one. Instead, ask a Staff member to move the topic to the correct forum it takes six seconds to do so. Posting to increase word count is frowned upon.

• Trolling

Unlike in the chat box; Trolling, on the actual site is looked upon as disrespect. There are many ways to troll people and a few of them can be funny, however the site will not house such a thing. Save it for the chatbox.

• Advertising

There is a forum that is made for posting advertisements. I know, it isn't the most applicable place to have an advertisement however but what did you expect? This is a writing site.


Chat Rules

• Trolling

The only rule for trolling in the chat box is that there is indeed a line that can be passed very easily. However, doing anything that may cause damage to one's computer I.E. A virus link, is extremely looked down upon. There's no way to go through all the troll methods and tell you which ones are wrong, just use common sense.

• Advertising

Just as the site rules, there is a forum for such a thing. Please do so there.