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Welcome to Ultimate Dragonball Z Roleplaying Game!

We are currently active as of November 2017!





Character Guide


There are two types of characters that we accept.

Canon characters - Characters that have appeared in the Manga and Anime, including the Movies. This characters are limited by how they are depicted in the show. You are free do what you wish with the characters but twisting them away from their original design must be backed by extremely good writing.

Custom characters - Characters that are not from the original DragonBall/Z/GT and their appearance and personality are completely at your design! Custom characters require far more work and thought so they are perfect for advanced writers but if you are new to the writing scene, feel free to use them!

I find it redundant to post a giant list of all the characters and have instead put a list of taken characters. You are all familiar with the vast majority of the characters of the show and if you aren't sure with them all that's okay! Refer to the Dragonball Wikia if you're unsure.

Beerus (Bills)

Characters that are red are admins.
Characters that are green are moderators.
Characters that are yellow are NPCs.
Characters that are bold and pink are reserved.
Characters that are normal text color and are not bold, are normal members.


Pure Good (50 through 30 AP) - Resistance is increased by 10% in combat.

Good (29 through 10 AP) - Resistance is increased by 5% in combat.

True Neutral (4 through -4 AP) Speed is increased by 15% in combat.

Evil (-10 through -29 AP) Strength is increased by 5% in combat.

Pure Evil (-30 through -50 AP) - Strength is increased by 10% in combat.


Experience Points (XP) - The more you roleplay, the more you'll build up XP. XP Allows you to level up.

Level - Each level is a marker of your accomplishments as a writer. For each time you level up you will gain skills and further your stats.

Stat Points (SP) - For each time that you level up you gain State Points. You can distribute them to your Agility, Ki, Resistance, Speed, and Strength.

Damage Points (DP) - The amount of damage that your character can receive in battle. Players start at 300 DP. For every level gained your character gains 10 DP. The amount of DP you take from attacks depends on the attack rating for the attack. Level 1 attack rating gives 20 DP. Level 2 attack rating gives 50 DP. Level 3 gives 100 DP. Level 4 gives 150 DP. Level 5 gives 250 DP. Finally, Level 6 attacks give 400 DP.

Alignment Points (AP) - How we measure how good or heroic you are. A high or positive number means that you are overall good. A low or negative number means you are overall evil. A maximum of 50 AP and a minimum of -50 AP is set in place. AP points are gained (or lost) based on what happens in your stories. Choosing others over yourself and going what with is commonly thought of as good will get you more AP points.

Health - Health is the overall well-being of your character. The less health you have the more damaged you are. Once it reaches zero you are "knocked out". From this point it's up to your opponent if you life or die. In this case you'd refer to the "Death" section in the sidebar. You start with a base of 50 health. Health increases by five for every level gained.


Aliens: Live on other unknown planets. Examples of them in the show are Zarbon, Ginyu, Burter, and Qui. +10 Speed and Strength.

Androids: The universal word for basically anything mechanical that imitates life and conciseness. Examples of them throughout the show are Android 16, 17, and 18. +20 Strength.

Changelings: Their home planet is Frieza. Examples of them in the show are Frieza, King Cold, and Cooler.+20 Strength and Speed.

Demons: Live throughout the universe. Examples of them in the show are Dadbura, Buu, and Babadi. +10 Strength and Resistance.

Half-Saiyans: They are the offspring of a Human and a Saiyan. Examples of them in the show are Gohan, Goten, and Trunks.+10 Speed and resistance.

Humans: The race that lives on Earth. Examples of them in the show are Yamcha, Tien, Chiatzu, and Krillen. +20 Speed.

Hybrids: Can live anywhere that two species have interbred (Not counting Saiyans and Humans. Only real example of this in the show is when Frieza becomes Half-Android. Can choose which stat is upgraded by 20.

Namekians: Live on planet Namek. Examples of the in the show are Piccolo, Nail, Guru, and Dende.+20 Ki.

Saiyans: Live on planet Vegeta: Examples of them in the show are Vegeta, Goku, and Bardock.+20 Resistance.


When you start this roleplaying game you start with a base of 100 points per stat and you receive 150 to distribute to them.

You start with 50 as a base for each attribute and have 200 points you may distribute amongst them.

Agility: How fast you can bounce are and the ability for your bones to bend.

Ki: The hidden energy inside of your characters body that can be expelled.

Resistance: How well your body can withstand an attack.

Speed: How fast you are able to move.

Strength: The force that your character can exert.

10% Rule: None of your skills can be increased unless all others are at least 10% of the skill you are trying to upgrade.

Rounding Rule: For all decimal numbers round to the nearest number. For .5 and up it gets rounded to 1. For .4 and below it gets rounded to 0.


Moves are the driving force of spars and battles. You can a maximum of four moves per post.

Attack: Using one of your attacks to attempt to hit your opponent. Costs two moves.

Dodge: Getting out of the way of an enemy attack. Can use two times for every four posts.

Item: Using an item from your inventory for its purpose.

Ki: Using your Ki to attempt to impact your enemy with it. Gives 50 DP if successful.

Power Up: Charging your Ki to gain +15% Ki for three turns. Can use two times for every four posts.

Rest: Stoping and doing nothing other than catching your breath. +15% agility for two turns and -20 DP. Can use two times per every four posts. Costs two moves.

Strike: Using your fist, elbow,knee, foot, or head to attempt to deliver a blow to your enemy. Gives 10 DP if successful.