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Welcome to Ultimate Dragonball Z Roleplaying Game!

We are currently active as of November 2017!





Types of Stories
There are four main types of roleplays that are done here. Quests, Personal Roleplays, Spars, and Battles.

Quests are predetermined missions that give you more rewards then just a regular roleplays. There are different levels of Quests; Easy, Medium, Hard, and Impossible. Each has different amounts of rewards and different amount of work counts. Easy = 1000 words, Medium 2,000 words, Hard=4,000 words, and Impossible= 6,000 words. Impossibles are quests that are so vigorous that no regular mortal can take the challenge. These ones are massive rewards but take a giant word count to complete. Also only people level 30+ may use these quests.

All quests are to be posted in the quests section under your planet as a new topic. Note a reply appears under a topic. A new topic is when you start one and is the very first thing you see on the page.

Personal Roleplays are just roleplays that aren't quest or group roleplays. The contents of the roleplay are entirely up to you as long as it doesn't break a site rule.

Spars are friendly fights that must be between a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 5. If for some reason you wish to go further then 5 then ask and admin. One reason you might want more then 5 is an alliance vs alliance battle that isn't all so serious.

Battles are just like spars but you can die in these, and they are more intense fight that mean more to your character stat wise.

The rewards for all types of roleplays depends on how much you write but there is a base amount +500 Zeni per 1000 Words,+250 every stat per 1000 Words,+50 xp per 1000 words

Starting and Posting In Your Stories
Some of you may or may have not been on other sites before. Our basic posting stuff is just like most sites.

Quests and Personal Roleplays (just you)
Starting a quest or personal roleplay is simple. If it is a quest, pick out which one you want, copy all of the information on the quest and post it in your planet forum, make sure your topic title is the name of the quest and the description says what difficulty it is. After you've posted the info then you can reply to that topic on your actual quest. You can go further then what is required. If it is a personal roleplay then just post in your planet's thread with an appropriate title and start the roleplay. Just make sure at the end you put your word count and the total word count so far for both things.

Battling,Sparing, Personal Roleplays (2+people), Quests (2+ people)
Batting and sparing is a more complex system than quests and personal roleplays but the posting is simple. After you have found someone on the same planet and is willing to quest/battle/spar/personal roleplay with you figure out who will go first. Keep in mind the first poster decides where the fight takes place and some other factors such as what the weather is like. The second poster follows that (keep in mind you can discuss the factors, it's not entirely up to the first poster). By the end of the third post you should have interacted with each other. The battle/spar will go until A. Someone gives up B. Someone dies or C. both people's DP reaches 0. Personal Roleplays can end however you decide, you can die in it but only if you want to. Quests end whenever you want them to but try to wrap it up within 2-4 posts after you've completed the quest. (If you wish to go further then continue in a personal roleplay!)

Ending A Post

Word Counts
W.C. ?
T.W.C. ?

------- = Divider between your story and the W.C. and T.W.C.

W.C. ? = The amount of words your post was.

T.W.C. ? = The amount of word counts added up from all your posts in the story so far.

Order the moves in the order that your character did them and put how much DP they cost behind them and in parenthesis.

1. Punch (10)
2. Absorb
3. " "
4. Super Dodon Ray (90)
5. " "

(10) and (90) = The amount of DP your opponent gets if they take the attack. If you blocked or dodged specify which of the opponents last moves you are doing so to.

"" = A way to signify that it's exactly as the above. Since those moves require 2 moves you have to put " 's .

Damage Points (DP)
For your "Damage Points" just change it to your new amount of DP.

DP: 400

Final Result
Final result should look like this:

W.C. 276

T.W.C. 670
1. Dodge move #2

2. Punch (10)

3. Destructo Disk

4. " "

5. Ki Blast
DP: 470

Claiming Rewards and Updating Your Character
When you claim a reward you are essentially getting credit for the stories you have written. Simply post a topic in the "Claiming Rewards" forum with the template. There can be only one topic per player per week for claims. If you write more than one story just add edit the topic and put the second below it. Rewards must be posted by 11:59 PM Friday (Central Time). They are then gone through by staff from Saturday to Sunday at 11:59PM. If you miss a week your story can still be claimed the following week.

It's the same for Character Updates. The week after your rewards are claimed you can use them in an update. Updates can be done any time during the week and will be approved as they are posted. Once it is approved it is final, no changes. You Updated your character for the previous week, not the current one. When you do in this current week will be added to your update next week.

Leveling Up
Leveling up is what grow your character into a stronger,wiser, wealthier,faster, more resistant exc. To level up experience points (XP) are used. Every time you complete a RP you gain XP which gets you higher levels. Below is a chart on how much XP you need for each level.(XP is cumulative) For each level you gain you receive 200 Zeni.

Being boosted up to any level 2-10 you gain 500 Stat Points
Being boosted up to any level 11-20 you gain 600 Stat Points
Being boosted up to any level 21-30 you gain 800 Stat Points
Being boosted up to any level 31-40 you gain 1,100 Stat Points
Being boosted up to any level 41-50 you gain 1,500 Stat Points
Being boosted up to any level 51-60 you gain 2,000 Stat Points
Being boosted up to any level 61-70 you gain 2,600 Stat Points
Being boosted up to any level 71-80 you gain 3,300 Stat Points
Being boosted up to any level 81-90 you gain 4,100 Stat Points
Being boosted up to any level 91-100 you gain 5,000 Stat Points

Any level past 100 you gain 1,000 Stat Points.
Level XP Required

1 0
2 50
3 100
4 150
5 200
6 300
7 400
8 500
9 600
10 700
11 900
12 1,100
13 1,300
14 1,500
15 1,700
16 2,000
17 2,300
18 2,600
19 2,900
20 3,200
21 3,600
22 4,000
23 4,400
24 4,600
25 5,000
26 5,500
To figure the next level just add 500 experience to the previous one