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We are currently active as of July 2017!
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 Affiliation Template

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PostSubject: Affiliation Template   Sat Apr 27, 2013 9:37 pm

What is affiliation? It's when two sites have a clickable picture that leads to the other site and vice versea. Why affiliate? It helps bring members to both sites and it helps "spread" the word of both of them. We will place your affiliate at the bottom under "Affiliates". All we ask of you is for our button to be up on your site. -We check often and will remove your button if you take ours down-.


Name of site:

Link to site:

Is our button up?:, If so where?: -It doesn't matter to us if you want us to post your button first, just as long as you post ours within 24 hours of yours being posted.-

Static or Scrolling?:

Username of admin or someone who handles affiliates: -This is so in case we have questions, we could ask the username provided.

[b] Name of site: [/b]

[b] Link to site: [/b]

[b] Is our button up?: [/b]

[b] Will our button be static or scrolling? [/b]

[b] Username of admin or someone who handles affiliates: [/b]

~Use this application to create a new topic~

Our Button Code:


<a href="http://ultimatedbzrpg.weebly.com/"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/C9JmIyq.gif?1?9491" alt="Ultimate Dragonball Z Roleplaying Game!" /></a>
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Affiliation Template
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